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NorCal is Hiring

NorCal Premier is hiring for two positions within our competition staff.  A State Cup Commissioner, and a Playdates Coordinator.

NorCal State Cup Commissioner

The State Cup Commissioner is a full-time role, that will be responsible for the management, growth, and improvement of the NorCal State Cup.  The NorCal State Cup is the premier soccer event in Northern California and since its inception, the NorCal State Cup has changed what it means to take part in a State Cup.  Not only is it one of the largest State Cups in the country it is highly unique in its format.  NorCal is searching for a highly motivated and organized leader, who can not just maintain the current status, but seek continuous improvements and ensure that the NorCal State Cup continues to innovate and develop.

Anyone interested in the position should apply HERE.


Playdate Coordinator

The Playdate Coordinator is a part-time role, that will oversee all NorCal Playdates.  The NorCal Playdates are unique events which bring hundreds of teams together for a festival of soccer in different sites across Northern California.  They are a cost effective way for young teams to get games against opponents they would not usually play, as well as spend a day celebrating the beautiful game.  NorCal is searching for a highly motivated and organized person to not just maintain the Playdates, but someone who will continue to evolve and improve them to ensure that they are fulfilling their aim.

Anyone interested in the Playdate Coordinator position should apply HERE