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NorCal Club Development Webinar Series – Building a Futsal Program Within Your Club

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Starting with the first NorCal Futsal State Cup last February, NorCal Premier Soccer began a serious project to build futsal into the club soccer calendar in Northern California. Simply stated, our aim is to develop a recognized futsal season in the NorCal club calendar by providing quality competition, club resources, as well as coach education, and player development opportunities.

As we prepare for the 2023/24 futsal season, NorCal is excited to welcome back Vava Marques and Rob Bell to the NorCal Club Development Webinar Series. In 2021, Vava and Rob spoke alongside Ricardo Da Silva in a webinar, where they discussed details about the game of futsal as well as their experience in coaching, developing players, as well as developing coaches.

This time around, Vava and Rob are back and will be discussing details of how to build a futsal program within your club. The focus of this webinar will be details of what is needed and how club leaders and coaches can execute on building futsal programming within an existing club structure and will include discussion on:

  • Futsal curriculum
  • Futsal coach education
  • Facilities
  • Futsal vs. soccer development