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NorCal Announces Partnership with Techne Training System

With the goal of continuing player development and embracing new and exciting platforms, NorCal Premier Soccer announced a one-year agreement with the Techne Training System this week, making the user-driven skills program the official app of NorCal’s Player Development Program.

Created by former US National Team player Yael Averbuch, Techne serves as an interactive development system that allows players to work on mastering ball skills in a fun, engaging, and useful manner while training away from their team.

“We are very excited about this partnership as it is clear to me, this platform has been developed by successful footballers, who have a strong feeling and understanding of the importance of players training on their own in order to reach their potential,” said NorCal President Benjamin Ziemer. “Training on your own is especially important during this pandemic but also afterwards. We are absolutely convinced this will provide our member clubs and their players an enjoyable, cost-effective individual player development platform at a reasonable cost. We are excited to use this, within the Player Development Program, as our primary means of training this spring, and a complimentary home training program once we are able to run sessions. Kudos to Techne for developing and providing this program!”

Added Averbuch: “Our mission at Techne is to connect with and support those who share the same passion for development and love of the game as we do. It’s an honor to work with NorCal Premier, an organization that looks to elevate its members and fuel their passion for soccer. We look forward to connecting with as many players, coaches, and clubs as possible, learning more about what makes them unique and special, and supporting them in building a culture of individual training.”

In addition to several other benefits provided by the partnership, all NorCal PDP players and staff members will enjoy access to Techne free of charge, while all individual, team, and club members of NorCal Premier Soccer will be provided with a 15 percent discount on the subscription fee.

For more information on Techne, visit their website here.