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NorCal Announces Partnership With Krossover

NorCal Premier Soccer is excited to announce its brand-new partnership with the industry leader in automated video breakdown and statistical analysis for youth club soccer programs, Krossover.

We have structured a partnership with Krossover that entitles your club to a suite of services that are available for free or at an exclusive discount for being a member of NorCal Premier.
If interested, reach out to Tom Gray, Director of Strategic Partnerships with Krossover. Contact Tom at or 646-568-7614.
As part of the partnership, Krossover is offering the following to NorCal membership:
Free Services
  • Each team will receive a complimentary Krossover ‘Film Room’. Krossover Film Room will provide teams with the following:
  • Film Room Accounts are normally $400, as a member of NorCal Premier this fee is being waived, and provided free of charge.
  • Unlimited storage space for game film and practice film.
  • Ability to share film with anyone on Krossover, or outside of Krossover platform.
  • Krossover can provide clubs with a centralized film storage platform.
  • Host video in one area for all teams in your club.
  • Teams will receive a suite of self-editing tools. Providing your staff with the ability to manually breakdown film.
Paid Services
  • Krossover’s video breakdown services will be offered to teams at a discounted rate.
  • Purchasing a breakdown package is an optional buy-in, not required to participate to receive any of the free services listed above.
Krossover: Breakdown Services

  • Krossover’s video breakdown service will cut your raw film play by play into it’s own video clip for you. From there, each
    clip is tagged with the appropriate player and event information.
  • All player and event tagged information becomes a searchable category. Teams are able to utilize filter tools to find the most specific of tags (i.e attempted crosses in the second half).
  • As a NorCal Premier member, Krossover’s Breakdown Services are available to you at a discounted rate!
  • After we breakdown your film we track all of your statistics game by game as well as season long analytics.
  • Increase convenience and player engagement by accessing Krossover through our mobile app, accessible on all apple and android devices.
Krossover: Krossover Insights

Krossover Insights comes included on all breakdown packages for this season and is an enhanced method to conduct multi-game scouting reports.
  • Heat Map Shot Charts: Track usage rates and shooting percentages for the entire season.
  • Sort by individual player.
  • Sort by where shots on the field came from + success rate on Cross attempts!
  • All reports are linked to video for immediate analysis.