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NorCal and CNRA to Partner on Referee Development

NorCal Premier Soccer, continuing its commitment to improving the game, and California North Referee Administration are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to increase referee development opportunities for soccer referees in Northern California.

Through this collaboration, NorCal Premier Soccer (NorCal) will continue working closely with California North Referee Administration (CNRA) to improve access to entry-level referee courses around the state.  NorCal will begin utilizing a wide array of existing referee education platforms provided by CNRA, including its Continuing Education Program, Advanced Referee Program, and Youth Referee Program, to provide regular training and learning opportunities for referees who work NorCal matches.

CNRA will also maintain a significant presence at many NorCal competition events, including its State Cup and College Showcases.  CNRA will host small-scale referee camps at NorCal events throughout the season, while also providing on-field mentoring to all referees working these events.

Aidon Jennery, State Referee Coordinator for NorCal, said: “We’re excited to extend our relationship with CNRA in critical new areas. Together, we will help more referees develop, improve and be better prepared to officiate the increasing level of soccer we enjoy in NorCal competitions.  This partnership will help propel talented and driven
referees beyond Northern California.”

Said Ravanfar, State Referee Administrator, said: “We’re thrilled to work with NorCal in a more expanded fashion to provide development opportunities for referees.  With this partnership, we’re able to further establish a clear pathway for officials to develop on the field and make a meaningful impact on the growth and improvement of the referee pool and the game in Northern California.”

To learn more about the opportunities available to referees through this partnership, please visit