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New Club Applications Open


NorCal Premier is now accepting new club applications for the Summer/Fall 2024 season.  With over 250 member clubs, the NorCal Premier League is the country’s largest US Club Soccer league.  NorCal is also home to one of the largest State Cups in the nation, with 2,800 teams participating.  In addition to the top-class events that NorCal membership provides, member clubs also get access to world-class Coaching Education, the NorCal Player Development Program, and other member services.

Please visit our club membership page HERE for all the information needed to apply as a new club.

Upon receipt of a Club Membership Application, NorCal Premier’s Club Membership Committee (the Committee) will evaluate club applications using objective and subjective measures.  Based on that evaluation, the Committee will make a recommendation to the NorCal Premier Board of Directors (the Board), and the Board may accept or deny Club Membership at their sole discretion.


Below is an outline of the timeline of club applications and joining NorCal Premier Soccer:

  • September 1  – application window opens
  • December 1 – application window closes
  • Early January – survey distributed to member clubs soliciting feedback on applicants
  • Late January – Applicants attend RAC meeting.  New clubs can respond to relevant survey feedback and additional questions/concerns in person.
  • February – in-person interviews with NorCal Staff & member club DOC & President
  • March/April – decisions made on acceptance
  • April/May – club onboarding
  • May/June – clubs enter NorCal Premier Soccer, beginning with annual tryout windows

The NorCal Premier Club Membership Committee and the NorCal Premier Board of Directors reserve the right to evaluate applications from clubs in strategic growth areas outside of the stated application window.