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LIGA NorCal Returns This Weekend

Back by popular demand, NorCal Premier Soccer’s LIGA NorCal returns this weekend with 17 teams in two different divisions beginning their quest to be the top amateur adult side in the State.

11 clubs will participate in the top division, LIGA Premier, while six will play in the regionalized LIGA Peninsula in a season that stretches until March.

“I’m excited about the season because we have NPSL teams continuing on in our league, there’s a high level of play in our league,” said NorCal Director of Adult Soccer Cris Gilmore. “I’m excited that we have two new teams out of Modesto. Because we shortened the league to end in March, it allows the teams who play in the SFSFL to play for us. By ending it right before the SFSFL and NPSL, we’re the place to play adult soccer in the fall.”

Overall, six teams are associated with NorCal youth clubs and everyone will play at least 16 games in an effort to bridge the gap between where youth soccer ends and college or professional begins.


“It’s our hope to continue to strengthen this league with youth clubs so those clubs have a place for their graduating seniors to play in their community,” Gilmore said. “Our high school kids should have an opportunity to play against adults before the leave for college. It’s important for their development.”

Follow along with LIGA NorCal here where we’ll be highlighting one game of the week each week, starting with this weekend’s matchup between San Ramon FC and El Farolito.

San Ramon FC – El Farolito

Both San Ramon FC and El Farolito have made names for themselves this past year as two of the top clubs in the National Premier Soccer League, with the former finishing second in the Golden Gate Conference to make the playoffs. While former Open Cup champions El Farolito didn’t qualify for the postseason, they did make another run in the Cup, finishing with a close 1-0 loss to Fresno FC in the second round of the competition.