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Launch of Region 9 Divisions and Regional League

NorCal is excited to announce the launch of Region 9 divisions in Fall League and the new Region 9 Regional League (U9-U10). Region 9 will be a new regional league & RAC in the Reno/Tahoe area where the competitive league was previously run by Greater Basin Youth Soccer League (GBYSL). The NorCal member clubs in this region have previously competed in NorCal competitions with only a select few teams from their club, usually in Region 6 leagues, State Premier or NPL.

From Fall 2020 onwards, the R9 league will allow member clubs in this region to compete in NorCal competitions with all teams in their club, while some teams in each club will continue to compete in R6 or statewide leagues, dependent on the level of the teams.

U11-U19 Fall League Application

U9-U10 Region 9 League