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Join 2 Shiny Domes’ State Cup Bracket Challenge

Your 2019 U14-U19 State Cup knockout round is set to begin shortly and what better way to kick off the festivities than with a bracket challenge, where you’ll be competing against our 2 Shiny Domes with the two winners each garnering two tickets to the California Classico.


The rules are simple: download our State Cup brackets using this link, pick ONE of the age groups and fill out the entire bracket, selecting a winner for each round. Also, please write in the total number of goals expected in the age group to be used as a tiebreaker in case two brackets are tied.

Send an email with the completed bracket and your guess for the total number of goals scored in the entire age group to

The contestants with the highest percentage of correct picks on the boys side and the contestant of the highest percentage of correct picks on the girls side will each win two tickets to the San Jose Earthquakes – LA Galaxy game on June 29 at Stanford Stadium.

But, the winners’ percentage of correct picks MUST be higher than that of our 2 Shiny Domes in order to collect the prize.

Submissions are due by 9:00 a.m. on Saturday March 23rd. Good luck!