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Implementation Plan for US Soccer Initiatives

The Board of Directors approved the implementation plan in accordance with the U.S. Soccer mandates, the implementation plan from US Club Soccer, the update to age group classification outlined in U.S. Soccer’s FAQ Document, and extensive feedback from member clubs.
  • Birth Year Registration: NorCal Premier competitions have transitioned from scholastic year (Aug. 1 – July 31) based age groups to calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31) based age groups.
  • Small Sided Games: NorCal Premier competitions began the transition to U.S. Soccer small-sided mandates in our spring 2016 competitions, and will be fully compliant with the small-sided mandates in the fall of 2016.
Details for fall 2016 league formats can be found below in the age group matrices.  Please keep in mind the following key points as you prepare your club for this transition:
  • Field Sizes/ Goal Sizes: NorCal Premier has received indication from U.S. Soccer that there will be a common sense and flexible approach to field and goal sizes, and NorCal Premier has updated our field ranges in accordance with the U.S. Soccer recommendations.  U.S. Soccer and NorCal will continue to allow the use of 7×21 goals in both 7v7 and 9v9 game formats.
  • Referees: Due to U.S. Soccer’s decision to eliminate the two referee system, all games must either have a one or three referee system.  NorCal will continue with our current requirement of 1 referee for small-sided games.