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Futsal State Cup Update

With the continued GotSport outage, we are preparing to run the Futsal State Cup this weekend the old fashion way!  While we believe that GotSport will be back up and running soon, if it is still down for the weekend NorCal will take the following measures to ensure that we can run the event.


Due to the outage, many teams have not been able to form their rosters, and we are not able to print game cards.  As such we will not be requiring rosters for this event.  We will check player cards at the check-in table to confirm players are eligible, and referees will check players in at the field prior to each game.

Schedules/ Results/ Standings

Because schedules and standings are not displaying, we have created a google sheet with the event schedule.  We will update this document with results from the event and publish standings here.  There are several tabs at the bottom of the document.  One with the event schedule by time, then a tab for each division.

NorCal Futsal State Cup Schedules/ Results/ Standings


As you are aware we do all of our event-specific communication through GotSport.  Without access to team-specific contact information, we are asking all managers or coaches to this form to ensure that we have contact information for each team.

Futsal State Cup Team Contact Form