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First-Ever Futsal State Cup to Take Place on Presidents’ Day Weekend

After last month’s groundbreaking announcement that NorCal Premier Soccer would begin hosting futsal competitions starting in 2023, NorCal is now proud to reveal the dates for the first-ever NorCal Futsal State Cup.

The brand new competition is scheduled to be held during Presidents’ Day Weekend next year, from February 18-20, at COPA Soccer Training Center’s state-of-the-art indoor facility in Walnut Creek.

Applications for this exciting competition will open soon.

“We are extremely excited to take the next step in bringing an integrated futsal platform to Northern California with the launch of the NorCal Futsal State Cup,” said NorCal Premier Soccer Director of Competitions Daniel Chamberlain. “We believe that this will be the first step toward an amazing competition for our clubs in the future.”

Those looking to participate in more futsal events will also be able to apply to host Play Dates in the next few weeks. The Play Dates will be modeled after NorCal’s popular outdoor Play Dates where a multitude of teams meet in one area for a day full of games against a variety of opponents in a jamboree-style set up.

More information on the Futsal State Cup and Playdates will be available in the coming weeks.