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Fire Fundraiser Ends with Nearly $130,000 Raised

After nearly four months and $63,309 donated by generous individuals, families, and clubs, NorCal Premier Soccer is ending its fundraiser to help those impacted by the devastating fires in the North Bay in October.

Before the money is distributed, however, NorCal has agreed to match all donations after its initial $5,000 allocation, meaning that each family in need will receive $823.09 in addition to the $27,024 that has already been allocated to various clubs for a total of $126,618 raised.

“While we know that this is just a drop in the bucket, with what the families are facing, we hope that it can help as much as possible,” said NorCal Premier Soccer President Benjamin Ziemer.

“Every donation matters,” added NorCal Vice President Shawn Blakeman.

In all, NorCal was able to support roughly 121 different families who were subjected to this terrible disaster.

The majority of those affected came in the Santa Rosa area, with NorCal distributing funds to families from Santa Rosa Empire, Santa Rosa United, and Atletico Santa Rosa, as well as Sonoma Valley Youth Soccer Association.

NorCal Premier Soccer would like to thank each and every person and organization who made a donation to this great cause.