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eNorCal FIFA 20 League Structure

The NorCal FIFA 20 structure will include league seasons which will consist of eNorCal Leagues (with promotion and relegation), eNorCal Cup (FA Cup style KO tournament) and after Season 4, an eNorCal Champions League. The first eNorCal League season will take place from April 29th-May 17th.


Each event is a flexible scheduling event, meaning NorCal will provide a time period for the games to be played and players will organize a date and time that works best to play the game in their schedules. NorCal will set a deadline to get games scheduled and date when games must be completed. Players are expected to use GotSoccer chat or the chat on their gaming consoles to communicate and schedule with their opponent.

Season Events

Each player will register for a League season which consists of the following:

eNorCal League

An eNorCal League will consist of 10-12 games and several divisions of play based on the level of player. Promotion and relegation will be used to move players up or down after each league season for placement in the next league season. Generally, two players will be promoted up and two players will be promoted down.

eNorCal Cup

Every league season will also include an eNorCal Cup which will be a single-elimination knockout Cup competition. The lower divisions will start the cup in early rounds and higher divisions will enter later.

eNorCal Champions League

The eNorCal Champions League is the Championship event for the top eNorCal players over multiple seasons. Players earn points for performance in each Season League and State Cup event. The eight Champions League participants are determined based on points received over the most recent four seasons of play. The first Champions League will take place after Season #4 from July 26th-August 2nd.

eNorCal League Seeding Event

For league season #1, results from the eNorCal Champions Cup will be used for returning eNorCal players. For new players in season #1 and for all upcoming seasons, a one-day seeding event will take place the day after the registration deadline in order to place players properly. Each seeding event will consist of three games per new player. The highest division a new player can be placed in is Division 3 for Youth and Division 2 for Adults.


Returning players in good standing: FREE

All other players (new players and returning players not in good standing): $20

A returning player in Season #1 is a player that played in the eNorCal Champions Cup with no issues (ie. no shows, etc). All new players and players that are not in good standing will pay a $20 fee for their first season. Once the player is in good standing, they will no longer have to pay the $20 fee for future eNorCal events.


Adult League Registration and Information

Youth League Registration and Information