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eNorCal Champions Cup Qualifier #7 – Adult

Adult Qualifier #7 Schedules and Results

Information for Players

Dates: April 9th-11th

Time: 6 PM – 8 PM

Group Format

PS4: Thirty teams split into six groups of four and two groups of three. The six groups of four play a single round robin in their group. The two groups of three play a three game crossover with the other group. The top two teams from the groups of four, the top three teams from the two groups of three, and one additional highest point Wild Card advance to Knockout Phase. The remaining teams are eliminated.

XBox: Twenty-four teams split into six groups of four with each team playing a single round robin in their group. The top two from each group and the four highest placing third place teams advance. The remaining teams are eliminated.

Reporting Scores

All scores should be reported immediately following your match by the team that wins. If the game ends in a draw the listed home team should report.

Event ID: 79425    PIN: 2020

Directions for Reporting Scores


April 9th – Group Stage (3 games)
April 10th – 2nd Round and Quarterfinals (2 games)
April 11th – Semifinals and Final (2 games)




Competition and Game Mode Rules

Code of Conduct

Overtime Rules in Knockout Games

In Group matches games will end in a tie. In Knockout Round (2nd Round, Quarters, Semis and Final) if the game ends tied the players will start a new game with the SAME TEAMS and play until a player scores (Golden Goal).

How to Play Online

Setting Up Online Game

Tournament winners qualify for the eNorCal Champions Cup from April 17-19.