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Eight New Clubs Join NorCal Premier Soccer

NorCal Premier Soccer is proud to announce the addition of eight new member clubs to begin play immediately, increasing the total number of clubs to well over 250.

Joining NorCal Premier will be Asian-American Youth Soccer Academy, AYSO United Davis, Carson Futbol Club, Carson Valley FC, CV Futbol Academy, Dnamo FC, Monterey Condors Club, and MVLA San Jose.

“We are very excited to invite the new clubs into NorCal Premier Soccer for 2021,” said NorCal Premier Soccer President Benjamin Ziemer. “Over the years, our new club acceptance process has evolved into a vigorous review which sees about 50 percent of the applicants not accepted. This year we welcome a few newer clubs along with some clubs who have been operating outside Norcal Premier Soccer for some years.”

Ziemer added, “While this year we have had challenges visiting clubs due to COVID we have vetted these clubs with a peer review by NorCal’s New Club Committee and a RAC. Once again, we would like to give a special thanks to the New Club Committee, which is comprised of volunteers nominated by the RAC who conduct reviews of player pool size, field availability, and the number of clubs in the area before making a recommendation to the NorCal Premier Board of Directors, who then review every application and new club committee recommendation before voting to accept the clubs, on a one-year probationary basis, into NorCal Premier.

“We know club soccer is the primary vehicle to offer the world’s game and we are excited to see soccer clubs grow in Northern California,” Ziemer continued. “While some clubs have been around for years while participating in other organizations, others are new clubs formed in areas previously without club soccer in their communities. The recreational base of players, previously only playing a few months a year of organized soccer, offers an opportunity for all clubs, new and existing, to continue to grow their membership base if they so desire.

“As these new clubs enter into NorCal Premier Soccer, they will find their way into the club soccer pyramid,” Ziemer concluded. “Some have the vision of becoming a feeder club, promoting their players to the clubs striving to develop players into the higher levels of US Soccer, including national teams, professional teams, and college teams, while others might wish over the long haul to strive to become an NPL Club.

“We wish these clubs the best of luck as they enter into NorCal Premier Soccer.”

Asian-American Youth Soccer Academy

Founded two years ago by former China international Yang Zhou, the Asian-American Youth Soccer Academy began as a project to bring out and engage more Asian American children in sports, but embraces all ethnic groups in a non-exclusive manner.

The club fields teams from kids ages four to 13 that it hopes to foster through a growth-mindset philosophy and idea exchanges with other clubs located in the Bay Area.

“AAYSA starts from the Asian American community and keeps serving for the best interest of the youth generation to develop their physical wellness and mental resilience through soccer,” the club said in a release. “AAYSA enjoys great popularity among the community and receives support and trust from the players’ families. AAYSA will keep working on youth soccer education and giving back to the communities.”

AYSO United Davis

With the addition of AYSO United Davis, NorCal Premier Soccer’s AYSO-affiliated club count increases to four — the Davis branch joins entities in the East Bay, Foster City, and Silicon Valley.

While the AYSO program has been around in Davis for more than 40 years and nearly 2,000 players are involved in it annually, it wasn’t until 2018 that Davis added its club program to go along with the existing recreation program.

Last year, AYSO United Davis fielded eight teams in the U13-U17 divisions, but the club plans to expand to field squads in the U11-U19 age groups this coming year.

“Players on these teams value training, learning soccer, and competing with friends and classmates from the local community,” said AYSO United Davis Director of Coaching Adam Lewin. “They and their families appreciate remaining a part of the American Youth Soccer Organization and give back to Davis AYSO by participating as volunteer referees and coaches for the younger ages.”

Carson Futbol Club

One of two Nevada-based clubs joining NorCal Premier Soccer this year, Carson Futbol Club is a volunteer-run
organization that prioritizes low-cost opportunities to play high-level soccer.

Through sponsorships, scholarships and other fundraising efforts, many of Carson FC’s players are able to play at affordable prices. After the players, all other Carson FC resources go into providing coaching education to help foster their coaches’ development.

“Our goal is for every member of our club to learn and grow as a soccer player and person through their experiences with Carson FC,” said Allen Alexander of Carson FC. “We will promote a positive learning environment for our players and families as we work to provide the highest level of coaching and coaching education possible.

Carson Valley SC

Also joining NorCal from Nevada is Carson Valley SC, a club with nine teams that has the rare distinction of having
more girls squads (seven) than boys (two).

With the addition of Carson and Carson Valley, NorCal’s reach into the Silver State now covers seven different clubs in three different cities.

“Our club, our coaches, our trainers, and our administration embody the principles of family, teamwork, and excellence to deliver a pathway for success,” said Carson Valley SC DoC Andrew Robles. “We consistently train our athletes to be the best that they can be on and off the field. Focusing on the player first, we strive to build character as we develop proud representatives of our community and our sport at the local, state, regional, and national levels.”

CV Futbol Academy

Founded three years ago in Turlock, CV Futbol Academy is a club with seven sides that focuses on the grassroots community, specifically in the U6-U9 age groups.

CVFA strives to give their kids a strong foundation of skills that go beyond the soccer field and are used as a vehicle to help build character, confidence, and a positive self image.

“Central Valley Futbol Academy is an organization dedicated to the development and growth of athletes in the Central Valley,” said club DoC Eddy Salinas. “Our academy will strive to develop skills that go beyond the soccer field.”

Dnamo FC

Starting with just one team in 2018, San Francisco-based Dnamo FC has grown into a club with 17 different squads at both the competitive and recreational levels.

The club was founded by Ika Kvavilashvili, a Georgia native who hopes to bring international flair to the Bay Area based on four key philosophies: progressive player development, meritocracy, teamwork, and fair play.

“Great players are not born, they are developed over time,” Kvavilashvili said about his philosophies. “Hard work leads to results and respect for teammates, opponents, and the playing environment creates a fun soccer experience that the kids will enjoy.”

Monterey Condors Club

Beginning back in 2017 with one competitive team and a handful of recreational squads, Monterey Condors Club has grown to encompass 13 different teams over a variety of age groups with the goal of providing accessible entry to youth sports, specifically soccer.

The club targets the underserved pockets of the local community through a vigorous grant writing program and continues to offer scholarships and financial assistance to those in need.

“We will work to continue to bring our quality programs to kids in our communities with low costs and financial assistance leading the way,” said Mark Cisneros of MCC. “In the meantime, we will look to strengthen our club’s roots and provide an important and impactful experience for all kids that walk through our doors.”

MVLA San Jose

An affiliate club of Mountain View Los Altos Soccer Club, MVLA San Jose was founded in September of 2020 and includes six girls teams from the 2002-2011 birth year age groups.

MVLA San Jose strives to provide a safe and healthy environment to help kids develop their skills and love of the game while ensuring that all their staff have the support and resources to enhance their personal and professional growth.

“Being the extension of a brand that is known nationwide for the success of developing quality players, coaches, teams, and leaders is amazing,” said Jodi Washington of MVLA San Jose. “We are excited to work alongside their leadership team to build a true pathway for players who want to play at the highest youth levels.”