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NorCal Level 1 Pilot Course

NorCal’s Coach Education Department recently completed the first in a series of level 1 coach education courses. The course targeted coaches in Region 7 and and 8 and was conducted over a 6 month period.

The objective of the course was to influence and assist the coaches in providing proper training for the golden age of learning (8-12 yrs.) During  the series of classes, field sessions, and assignments the coaches were  able to acquire and  further develop the competencies to work in a youth environment. The course subjects included:

  • Game Fundamentals – Structure of Soccer
  • Player Fundamentals
  • Methodology of Teaching
  • Methodology – Role of the coach in training, games, planning player development (guidance)
  • Players’ characteristics-Individual Player Development
  • Technical, Tactical, Personality, Physical  –(TTPP)
  • NorCal Premier System and Style of Play  based on the 9v9 model
  • Planning – Season planning, Meso (6 weeks), Weekly, Training
  • Club Culture and Environment

The following coaches successfully completed all components of the course. Special thanks to Merced Atlas Academy for providing a classroom and field for each session.

Juan Arevalos Atwater
Vince Meyer Stockton Monarcas
Miguel Ramirez Mariposa
Michael Beebe South Valley Chivas
Frank Brunnemann Cen Cal Cosmos
Esmaldo hernandez South Valley Chivas
Fabian Ramirez Merced Atlas
Trish Vlha Manteca
Larry Hernandez Ceres Earthquakes
Gilberto Zamaro Ceres Earthquakes
Jose Alcala Stanislaus united
Kevin Botterill Cen Cal Cosmos
Tim Caroll Cen Cal Cosmos
Alexis Hernadez South Valley Chivas
Jose Hernandez Ceres Earthquakes
Garret Markarian Cosmos
Juan Mena Merced Atlas
Michael Montanez Alliance
Antonio Reis Stanislaus
Les Villanueva Turlock
Madison Meyer Stockton Monarcas


NorCal is working on plans to bring the same course to the other Regions. The course is Free to NorCal members, subject to committed participation.