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La Liga Formation Methodology Level 3 – Day 3

LIVERMORE — Forced inside for most of the day due to a massive storm, day three of NorCal Premier Soccer and US Club Soccer’s La Liga Formation Methodology Level 3 Course wasn’t met with ideal weather conditions, but the show still had to go on, as former Athletic Bilbao Director of Methodology Gari Fullaondo had just one last day to pass his invaluable wisdom onto Northern California.

When the nearly 200 in attendance were allowed to go outside for a field session with NorCal’s 02/03 PDP boys, they were given a lesson on game tactics and how players and coaches should think about space.

At one point, Fullaondo stopped the session to explain the differences between how we think about soccer in this country and how those in the rest of the world do.

“Play because you want to learn,” he said. “ If you don’t understand this, you will be good players in your country, but not in the world, because in other places in the world, we are always thinking about these things. You must play for something.”

Then it was back to the classroom for explanations on Fullaondo’s Kimet Training software, as well as lectures on developing a system of play, both lessons that those in the audience enjoyed.

“The fine details of how the coaches plan for their sessions and the basic drills provided to the players about the awareness of their space and technique have been eye opening,” said Red Star Boys Director of Coaching Jason Smith. “For me it’s one of the best coaching courses I’ve done. Just the information provided and the energy of the instructors has been very high-level.”

With nearly three full days of teaching from Fullaondo and Co. under their belt, it was finally time for the students to become the teachers as small groups were formed to present what they had learned to the entire classroom.

It was to be the last exercise of an insightful weekend, but not the last lesson, as Fullaondo had one more presentation up his sleeve, with designs to leave those in attendance with a lasting message.

Fullaondo showed a series of videos explaining the importance that coaches play in the lives of kids, before speaking shortly to close the event.

“This is life, the most important thing we can do is be a good example for our kids,” he said. “It’s the only thing that can change the world. No one told you you had to be a coach, no one put a gun to your head.

“You must think about what the most important thing of coaching is, and that’s to develop people.”