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Presentations, Session Plans & Videos 2020

International Game Models/Philosophy

Belgian FA Philosophy

Benfica Tactical Periodization

Benfica Way Of Playing

Santos FC Youth Philosophy Of Youth Program 

Seville Youth Development

Iclandic Youth Football Development

Marc Dos Santos Organization and Build Up Of Modern Play

Barca Methodology 2015

FIFA Coaching Philosophy 

Session Ideas/Content

Javier Lopez Session Plans (Spanish)

Zonal Defending The Italian Way

Rondo Presentation

Building Up From The Back

Coaching In The Dutch 4-3-3

Mary Kok-Willemsen Coaching Course

Jitka Klimkova Possession To Penetrate

International Video Presentations-Youth Development, Identification and Education

New Trends in Football Education-SoccerEx Europe 2019

How to Identify and Develop Better Players-SoccerEx Europe 2019

The Gold Mine Effect-How to find undervalued talent

Youth Football Development-Trainers vs. Coaches

Playing Cruyff’s Way


International Video Presentations-Philosophy/Tactics

MasterClass-Jose Mourinho

Marcelo Biesla-Tactical Presentation

Pep Guardiola Man City Tactical Discussion

Johan Cruyff Interview

Johan Cruyff Quotes

Johan Cruyff explains his Diamond formation

Videos- Skills Compilations

U.S. WNT Year In Review

Messi vs Pele vs Maradona

Football’s Greatest-Johan Cruyff    

Diego MARADONA | FIFA Classic Player

Michael Laudrup – A Football Player

Crystal Dunn The Journey

Carli Lloyd The Journey

Mal Pugh The Journey

Dare To Dream Part 1

Dare To Dream Part 2

Dare To Dream Part 3


FC Porto Coaching Journal

PSV Coaching Journal