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ECNL-RL to Include NorCal Boys Divisions Starting in the Fall

After the successful introduction of the ECNL-Regional League on the girls side of youth soccer in Northern California, on Friday the ECNL announced the expansion of the NorCal ECNL-RL to the boys side.

Beginning in the 2023/24 season, the ECNL-RL will serve as the top division of the boys and girls pyramid in NorCal, sitting on top of the NorCal NPL divisions. Operating in accordance with NorCal’s philosophy of merit-based competition – spots in this new league will be based on team performance within the NorCal NPL rather than performance from a whole club, and will feature promotion and relegation with the NorCal NPL, creating a more open system with a true pyramid formed by results.

“This development and our continued partnership with the ECNL will further define a clear competition pyramid in Northern California, creating a clear pathway for team and club advancement on both the girls and boys side of the game,” said NorCal Director of Competitions Dan Chamberlain. “We’re excited to work alongside the ECNL to continue to develop a football environment that provides merit-based pathways for clubs. ”

Teams who earn placement in the NorCal ECNL-RL will have the opportunity to attend ECNL-RL showcases and take part in the ECNL-RL postseason, in addition to the high-quality NorCal College Showcases organized by NorCal in the spring and fall.

Furthermore, starting in the fall, NorCal will expand and update its own National Premier League format, with the inclusion of the U13 age group into the NPL, as well as the creation of state-wide divisions in both the fall and spring for the U16 and older age groups.

There will also be increased promotion and relegation between NPL divisions and the State Premier League, creating a unified, merit-based pathway from the State Premier through the ECNL.