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Draw and Team Placement Procedure

First Round Draw

NorCal will post placement of teams and request feedback after each posting.

NorCal will conduct three postings of each team’s placement prior to the draw

Click here for link to access teams and placement.

For and Admin Calendar as well as game date calendar, please click Here

First Posting on June 26th

Each team will place teams in division (State/Premier, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze).  This placement is based on how teams finished in State Cup.  Teams will be listed in alphabetical order.  For teams that did not play in state cup last year, we used league record to assist with placement.  State Cup Division names do not correlate to league Division names

Second Posting on July 5th

Each team will be placed in Division and Location (East, West, North, and South) as well as Pots 1-4. Teams will be listed in alphabetically order for each pot. Pot 1 will be the top teams in that that Division, pot 2 will be the next level of teams, and so on. We will ask for you feedback after posting on placement of teams.

Third Posting (Final) on July 11th

This will be the final posting and all teams will be set in divisions, location and pots.  Unless NorCal is made aware of a major issue with the placement of teams, the 3rd posting will be final.  If there is a major issue with a team posting, that division and age group will be contacted when the team placement has been corrected.

First Round Live Draw

Week of July 17th

The top teams from each location/division will be place in pot 1, the next group of teams in each location/division will be placed in pot 2, the same for pot 3 and 4. Each draw will be based on the location where the teams are placed (East, West, North and South).  

Date Time Age group/Division
July 18th 10 am to 1 pm U11-U13 State/Premier/Platinum
July 19th 10 am to 1 pm U11-U13 Gold, Silver and Bronze teams
July 20th 10 am to 1 pm U9-U10 All Divisions

Exact times of age group and Division will be posted prior to the live feed.  If date and times are changed, those age groups and divisions will be notified.

Second Round Draw

Each division will be divided into an upper and lower division (State/Premier will be divided into a State Division and a Premier Division. Platinum will be divided into a Platinum A and Platinum B. The same will occur for Gold, Silver and Bronze). In each division for round 2, teams will be divided into 4 pots based on how they finish in the 1st round (all 1st place teams will be placed in pot 1 and so on for each pot based on the number of teams in each division).