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CNRA to Work with NorCal Referees at State Cup this Weekend

This weekend at the U11-U13 State Cup semifinals and finals, NorCal will welcome a delegation of referees and referee coaches from the California North Referee Administration in order to provide feedback and growth opportunities for the officials on hand.

CNRA, the organization responsible for all USSF referee licensing that occurs within Northern California, will run technical sessions at their hotel Friday and Saturday night, covering certain points of emphasis for delegation officials.

Additionally, these referees will officiate NorCal semifinal and final matches in order to be observed, evaluated, and to receive feedback and coaching.

“Delegation referees are going to receive a high level of coaching, from four referee coaches, including two national referee coaches,” said NorCal State Referee Coordinator Aidon Jennery.  “In addition, the referee coaches will watch other matches and provide informal feedback to regular NorCal officials at the event. So it’s a very beneficial, symbiotic relationship for both organizations.”

“There’s a good opportunity for our referees who are not part of the CNRA delegation to receive some high quality feedback from these coaches,” Jennery added.

A year ago NorCal Premier Soccer and California North Referee Administration announced a strategic partnership to increase referee development opportunities for soccer referees in Northern California.

For more information about NorCal refereeing, click here. For more information about CNRA, click here.