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Club Development Webinar – Employment Law


As California State employment laws continue to evolve, it is vital for clubs to stay informed on how these laws affect club operations.  Join NorCal Premier and Brian Bertossa on February 17th at Noon, for a talk on how these changes can and will affect your club.  In this webinar Brian will cover:

  • The continued effects of AB5 on the youth sport industry
  • Different categories of workers – independent contractor v. employee, exempt v. non-exempt employee –  and the factors used to determine how to categorize your workers
  • The duties that clubs have to their non-exempt employees – overtime, meal/rest periods

This webinar will be presented by Brian Bertossa.  Brian is a partner at Cook Brown LLP, where he has over 30 years of experience in defending employers in wrongful termination, employment discrimination, and wage and hour lawsuits.

Webinar Details:

What: California Employment Law and your Club

When: February 17th @ Noon