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Club Consulting Program

This a pilot program providing FREE individualized club consulting to our member clubs. A member of NorCal’s core staff will collaborate with you; sharing best practices and helping your club reach its goals on and off the field.
How does it work?
  • Contact us at if your club is interested and would like to schedule a consultation. Consultations are approximately 90 minutes. Time slots are flexible.
  • A Zoom meeting between your club’s leadership team and NorCal staff. This is generally your DOC, President, and any other primary leadership positions in your organization. Up to you on how many people to include on your end.
  • There are some pre-assignments prior to the meeting for your preparation and for our staff to customize the areas of work to your needs.
  • Development of an action plan as part of the process.
  • No cost to NorCal Premier Soccer member clubs.
Potential topics that could be covered:
  • Club Vision & Strategic Planning
  • Club Management & Operations
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing & Increasing Registration Numbers
  • Programming Design & Implementation
  • Facilities Development
  • Curriculum Development & Implementation
  • Coach Development & Management
Questions or to Sign-Up?