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Change to NorCal NPL Qualification Process for 2017-18 Season

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Next year, NorCal will be removing the NPL application in all age groups (except U14). The only way for teams currently not playing in the NPL to qualify for the 2017-18 NPL will be through the State Premier division or through NorCal State Cup.

For next years U15-U19 ages, teams will qualify for the 2017-18 NPL based on the below criteria.

Currently Playing U14 (03) – U17 (00) NPL Teams

Relegation zones are set in the NPL spring for each age group. Anyone who finishes above the relegation line will have until a league determined date to claim their spot for 2017-18. Anyone below the relegation line, will be relegated out of the NPL. There will also be one playoff spot in the lowest NPL division that will playoff vs. the 2nd place State Premier team on the weekend of June 4th-5th.

Non-NPL Playing U14 (03) – U17 (00) Teams

State Premier

The State Premier division will mirror the NorCal NPL calendar. Teams are based more regionally in the fall and will qualify for spring divisions based on performance in their fall league. The highest State Premier division in the Spring with be the State Championship division. The winner of this division will earn automatic promotion into the 2017-18 NPL. The second place State Premier Championship team will playoff against the NPL relegated playoff team for the final NPL spot. If an NPL team does not claim their auto spot, then the NPL relegated playoff team will gain auto entry, and the next relegated NPL team will enter the playoff against the 2nd place team in State Premier.

Apply for NorCal State Premier Division

State Cup

Any non-NPL team to make the Final of the NorCal State Cup (top division) earns an automatic spot in the 2017-18 NorCal NPL. Semifinalists will be considered if an extra spot opens up.

Apply for NorCal State Cup