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California Cup to Return in 2024

NorCal Premier Soccer and SOCAL Soccer League are excited to announce that the California Cup will return this spring on March 23 and 24 at Surf Sports Park in Del Mar.

Aimed at uniting California with a true championship, the event will see the winners and finalists from the U9-U12 age groups of NorCal and SOCAL’s State Cup play against their counterparts from the other half of the state.

“We are excited for the return of the California Cup and our collaboration with SOCAL,” said NorCal Director of Competitions Daniel Chamberlain. “The event provides an amazing opportunity for the best teams in NorCal and SOCAL to compete against each other and test themselves against the best.”

The California Cup began in 2022 as a collaboration between NorCal Premier Soccer and SOCAL Soccer League, featuring a group stage followed by a Final and a 3rd Place match.

The State Cup final each year counts towards the group stage, meaning that the final two matches for each team take place against the two finalists from the opposite side of California.

Both NorCal and SOCAL rotate hosting duties for the California Cup, in odd-numbered years for the former and even-numbered years for the latter.

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