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A message from the Simkins family

We are posting with a heavy heart to inform you that a member of our NorCal Premier Soccer community is in need of our support.

Tom Simkins, father of four, including former Sacramento Republic FC Academy player Tyler Simkins was diagnosed with Grade 4 Glioblastoma last April.

Unfortunately, the cancer has taken a rapid course of growth to the point where Simkins has been removed from treatment and place on hospice, given only weeks left to live.

In the course of this terrible sickness, Simkins’ wife, Jen, has left work to care for him while not receiving any compensation, meaning that she has to pay the full cost of the family’s benefits through her employment at the County of Sacramento.

The family has asked for help covering the costs while they go through this time of need.

To help donate to the cause or spread the word, click here.