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2024 NorCal Futsal State Cup Preview

For the second straight year, NorCal Premier Soccer is set to host the Futsal State Cup as 155 different teams will compete Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at Cal Expo in Sacramento to determine a State champion and a Gold champion for the five-a-side sport.

Over the course of three days, teams from the U9-U14 age groups will play a series of games of futsal, a fast-paced game popular in Europe and South America that’s seen as paramount for developing technical skills among youth players.

Last year, NorCal hosted the first-ever version of the competition using the six courts available at COPA STC in Walnut Creek.

This year, the field has expanded by 33 percent and 10 courts will be available for play at the Fairgrounds in Sacramento, next to where Sacramento Republic FC play.

“A lot of club directors and leaders in NorCal have voiced their support for futsal,” said NorCal State Cup Director Brian Voltattorni. “Part of NorCal’s vision in terms of advancing the game and providing more offerings to our players is increasing the importance of futsal. We’re working to create an environment where every club can provide a futsal season to their membership.”

This weekend, 24 different divisions will be up for grabs, two in each age group. The State Division will feature the top teams who signed up, while there will also be a Gold Division just underneath.

“I was a coach 20 years ago when NorCal started. It’s cool to be a part of this next adventure as we introduce futsal knowing what the board’s vision was and how they advanced State Cup, coaching education, and multiple playing levels,” Voltattorni said. “It’s amazing to see and have those conversations with club leaders. I think everyone recognizes that futsal is important and clubs are recognizing the need to do more and find more competitions like this.”

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