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2024 California Cup Kicks Off This Weekend

In NorCal Premier Soccer’s continued collaboration with SOCAL Soccer League, the California Cup returns this weekend as teams from the U9-U12 age groups will compete to decide the Golden State’s true cup champion.

The top two teams from last fall’s NorCal State Cup will meet to play games against SOCAL’s top two Saturday and Sunday at Surf Sports Park in Del Mar.

“The California Cup provides a higher level of play for our top teams and allows them to test themselves against the best from Southern California,” said NorCal U9-U13 State Cup Director John Stoppelmann. “We’re looking forward to continuing this collaboration with SOCAL in a manner that will only benefit all the competing athletes.”

Each team at the competition will play two group stage games against squads from the opposite side of the state and then add up their points from those two matches plus the State Cup final, which will be scored as the final group game.

The top two teams from each group will then face off in a final, while the other two squads will play in a third place game.

The California Cup began two years ago and though it wasn’t contested in 2023, both NorCal and SOCAL plan on continuing it every year going forward. In even numbered years, SOCAL will host, while NorCal will provide the backdrop during odd numbered years.

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