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2021-22 NorCal State Cup U14-U19 Application Open

Next spring, state champions will be crowned in the U14-U19 age groups for the first time since the conclusion of the 2018-19 event due to COVID 19’s shut down of youth sports for over one year. The 2018-19 addition consisted of 1500 teams competing for State through Bronze Cup titles. This year’s competition, set up in a Champions League/Europa League style format, should see more competition than ever.

2021-22 NorCal State Cup U14-U19 Application

2021-22 Accepted Teams

2018-19 NorCal State Cup Finals Recap

Along with crowning a NorCal State Champion for 2021-22, this year’s State Champion and Finalist will also qualify for the first-ever California State Championships where they will meet the top two finishers from the SoCal State Cup. In addition to the State Cup level, there will be an additional two levels of this event for teams at the Premier, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and/or Bronze Cup levels.


July 8th – Application Deadline

July 8th – Payment Deadline

July 20th – Preliminary Round and Group Stage Draw Pots Posted

July 27th – Preliminary Round and Group Stage Draw Pots Finalized

July 30th – Preliminary Round and Group Stage Divisions Finalize and Schedules Posted

August 17th – Preliminary Round Scheduling Deadline

August 29th – Preliminary Round Game “Play by Date”

September 8th – Group Stage Scheduling Deadline

September 19th – Group Game #1

October 10th – Group Game #2

October 24th – Group Game #3

December 10th – Knockout Phase Draw Pots Posted

January 21st – Knockout Phase Schedules Posted

March 18th – Round of 32 Scheduling Deadline

March 27th – Round of 32 “Play by Date”

April 1st – Round of 16 Scheduling Deadline

April 10th – Round of 16 “Play by Date”

April 30th or May 1st – Quarterfinals – NORCAL HOSTED

May 7th – Semifinals – NORCAL HOSTED

May 14th or 15th – Finals – NORCAL HOSTED

June 5th – 6th – California State Championship