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NorCal NPL Team Qualification Process

Teams who automatically qualify for the NPL through their placement in the current NPL season, winning the State Premier, and through State Cup must claim their auto-acceptance spot in the NPL by June 6th.

For teams who have not automatically qualified for the NPL, they can qualify through the NPL Qualification Event in June.

Read below for full details.

NPL Qualification Event 

  • June 24-25
  • Davis Legacy Soccer Complex
  • $595
  • Deadline to apply – June 13

NPL Qualification Event Rule Modifications

With the 2022-23 NPL and Pre-NPL seasons wrapping up in just a few weeks, NorCal Premier Soccer announced Friday the qualification format for its highest-level league for the 2023-24 season that begins in August.

Ultimately, there are a variety of different ways in which a team can obtain NPL status for the fall including previously playing in the NPL, coming out on top of the NPL Qualification event, winning the State Premier League, performing well enough in NorCal’s State Cup, and a few other ways.

2023-24 NPL Qualifying

  • Auto-acceptance NPL spots must be claimed by clubs by June 6th.
  • Teams will retain NPL spots or be relegated based on communicated processes in each division
  • Semi-finalist State Cup (top division):  Teams in the semi-finals would gain automatic acceptance to the NPL should they not already be in.
  • Champion of Spring State Premier League:  The champion of each age group’s State Premier Championship division gains auto acceptance.
  • NPL Qualification event: Teams may gain entry (or re-entry) into the NPL through the summer qualification event held in June.
  • Teams that qualify must still meet the NPL Coaching License standards to participate.


Pre-NPL Qualifying

  • Current NPL member clubs will have guaranteed acceptance into the Pre-NPL divisions in the respective gender of their NPL status (Example: Boys NPL clubs will be accepted into boys Pre-NPL divisions).
  • All U13 Boys and Girls Pre-NPL Spring Champions league teams from Non-NPL clubs will gain automatic acceptance to the NPL as a U14 wild card team.
  • U13 Pre-NPL teams from non- NPL clubs may be considered for admission based on need and competitive level of the team.  These teams are also encouraged to register for the Qualification event.