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2019-20 U14-U19 NorCal State Cup Applications OPEN

NorCal Premier Soccer is excited to announce that registration is now open for next season’s U14-U19 State Cup. Registration will close on July 10th.

2019-20 NorCal State Cup Application

Teams Applied

Close to 1500 teams participated in last years addition competing for State through Bronze Cup titles. This year’s competition, set up in a Champions League/Europa League format, should see more competition then ever.

2018-19 NorCal State Cup Finals Recap


July 10th – Application Deadline

July 17th – Payment Deadline

July 17th – Preliminary Round and Group Stage Draw Pots Posted

July 23rd – Preliminary Round and Group Stage Draw Pots Finalized

July 26th – Preliminary Round and Group Stage Draw

July 30th – Preliminary Round and Group Stage Schedules Posted

August 15th – Preliminary Round Scheduling Deadline

September 8th – Preliminary Round

September 13th – Group Stage Scheduling Deadline

September 22nd – Group Game #1

October 13th – Group Game #2

October 20th – Group Game #3

January 24th – Knockout Phase Draw Pots Posted

January 30th – Knockout Phase Draw

February 7th – Knockout Phase Schedules Posted

March 18th – Round 3 Scheduling Deadline

March 28th – Round 3

April 8th – Round of 16 Scheduling Deadline

April 18th – Round of 16 (U14-U15 and U16 Boys)

April 19th – Round of 16 (U17-U19 and U16 Girls)

April 25th – Quarterfinals (U14-U15 and U16 Boys)

April 26th – Quarterfinals (U17-U19 and U16 Girls)

May 9th – Semifinals (U14-U19)

May 30th – Finals (U14-U15 and U16 Boys)

May 31st – Finals (U17-U19 and U16 Girls)