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2020-21 NorCal NPL Format and Qualification: Updated Procedure

2020-21 NorCal NPL Format

With the return to play and travel this fall questionable along with the addition of the club promotion/relegation with ECNL on the boys side a modified NPL Format will be implemented this year. 

2020-21 NorCal NPL Format and Tentative Timeline

06-02/03 NPL Qualification-Updated

2019-20 NPL Auto-Qualifiers

In the 06-02/03 age group no teams from the 2019-20 NPL will be relegated and clubs will be granted spots from those teams in the 2020-21 NPL.

2019-20 State Premier Championship

We will be looking to play the State Premier Championship division this Fall and will have several spots awarded prior to the 2nd Round of the NPL. Each age group could add in 2-3 new teams for the 2nd Round based on placement in the division. Team that qualified for this past springs State Premier Championship will have a spot in this Fall division. We may also add in a few more teams based on 2019-20 placement in order to localize the divisions if needed.

2020 NPL Qualification Event

This event was cancelled.

07 NPL Qualification Pathways-Updated

NPL Auto-Qualifiers

NPL Clubs each have an automatic spot in the U14 NPL age group. NPL clubs are awarded based on history of team success, technical/coaching standards, college/professional player production, administration and sportsmanship.

2020-21 Wild Cards

Wild Cards are invited for the U14 NPL division if they have finished in the top 4 in NorCal State Cup (highest division) or qualified for the Pre-NPL Champions League and have a coach with a minimum of a USSF “C” license (or equivalent).

2020 NPL Qualification Event

This event was cancelled.