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Staff/Contact Us

Administrative Staff

Jason Drury

Director of Competitions

Andy Farrant

Director of Operations

Nick Lusson

Club Services Coordinator

Nina Johnson

Executive Admin

Larry Wong

Finance Manager

Evan Ream

Communications Manager

David Robertson

Coach Education/PDP Admin

Moe Shafai

Referee Coordinator

Zak Gordon

Business Development Coordinator

Andy Mittler

PAD Chairperson
Event Coordinators

Jason Drury

U14-U19 Youth Premier League / NPL / State Cup

Andres Deza

U11-U13 Youth Premier League

John Stoppelmann

U9-U13 State Cup

Cris Gilmore

LIGA NorCal/Adult Soccer

Andrew Jones

Play Dates

Kelcey Chaidez

Region 1/2/5

Fred Wilson

Region 3/4

Mark Torguson

Region 6/7/8