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Admin Help

Club Admin Manual

This page outlines the responsibilities for individuals within NorCal Premier member clubs who manage player registration, scheduling, fields, etc.


You will need to familiarize yourself with 3 websites.  Each serves a unique purpose for our organization.

  1. NorCal Premier Soccer  – The site contains league rules, schedules, standings, contacts, news, coach education offerings, and much more.  Use this as your point of entry for all information and tasks.
  2. SportsEngine – This is the player registration system for US Club Soccer.  A club account must be maintained in this site in order to register players, order player cards, and manage/print US Club rosters.
  3. GotSoccer – The administration for all NorCal events takes place in GotSoccer.  Club and team accounts are accessed here to manage contacts, rosters, schedules, and communication.

Registering Players & Staff

Every player participating in NorCal events, and the adults who coach or manage them, must have a U.S. Club Soccer “passcard.”  This is obtained through SportsEngine’s National Registration System (NRS) and needs to be updated each seasonal year (every two years for adults). You can begin registering your players on June 1, 2020, and cards expire on July 31, 2021.

Visit the Registration System page on the US Club website for all information related to registering players and managing your organization account.

Club Account - GotSoccer

All NorCal Premier member clubs have a master account in GotSoccer that allows them to participate in NorCal events.  The primary account holder (and some other admins) can access all aspects of the account to maintain contacts and fields as well as to manage teams, players, and staff.

  1. Log in and Create Universal Account – this allows you to have multiple logins to access different club/team accounts.
  2. Create and maintain admin roles – we ask that you list particular roles and keep them up to date as staff changes.
  3. Update/Create fields – maintain a listing of fields used by your club.
  4. Update club logo/Web address – this information appears on your club page in the NorCal website.
  5. Merge duplicate player and staff accounts – removing duplicates will help your managers build rosters by keeping only the most current information available.
  6. Bring teams into club account – if teams apply for events and do not select your club account, you will need to bring them under the club “umbrella” so that players from your club can be added to rosters.
  7. Archive players and staff – rid your account of those who no longer play in the club without losing their data.
  8. Log in to Team Pages from your Admin Account – this allows you to work within many team accounts from the same starting point (eliminating the need to log in and out).
  9. Monitor team chats – keep an eye on communication between your teams and their opponents.