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Region 8

U8-U10 League Overview

The Regional Leagues are regionally based competitions for U8-U10 gold, silver and bronze level teams. Proper placement of teams will be based on past competitive history, feedback from the club, and review by the Regional League Coordinator.

Cost – $125


U8 U9-U10
* Field  Size (yds) 25/35 L

15/25 W

55/65 L

35/45 W

**Number  of Referees None 1
Number  of Players*** To be set annually by RAC 7 v 7
Goalkeeper No Yes
Playing Time 4×10 2×25
Ball Size 3 4
Goal Mouth Size  (feet) 4×6 6.5×18.5 – 7×21
Offside No Yes
Substitutions Any Stoppage Any Stoppage
Fouls (type of kick) Indirect  Free Kicks Only Indirect & Direct Free Kicks
Free Kick clearance 10 ft 8 yd
Throw-in 1 Re-throw Normal
Penalty  Kicks None Yes (mark at 10 yds)
Penalty Area (yds) None 12×24
Goal Area (yards) 3×8 4×8
Heading None None


None Yes

**Recommended minimum number of referees

*Use of cones for lines allowed