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U11-U19 NorCal Premier Fall League: Preview

After a long summer break, the NorCal Premier League finally returns this weekend with hundreds of games being played all over Northern California in the U11-U19 NorCal Premier Fall League.

2018 NorCal Premier Fall League Schedules

The highest level of the NorCal Premier Fall League consists of the U14-U19 State Premier division which is a year round competition with teams being grouped locally this Fall. Each team will be trying to qualify for this Spring’s State Premier Championship division which consists of the top 8 teams. The winner of the division will be the State Premier Champion and auto-qualify (U14-U17) for the 2019-20 NorCal NPL level.

State Premier Championship Division Qualification Procedure

For U11-U13 teams, divisions are organized regionally and on a seasonal basis from the Premier to Bronze level. Additionally, the U14-U19 Gold through Nickel (recreational) teams play in a similar seasonal league format. Seasonal leagues consist of separate Fall and Spring competitions.

2 Shiny Domes has all of the upcoming action previewed with their inaugural rankings show.