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PAD Committee

The NorCal PAD Committee is made up of 11 members, 8 Regional Representatives who are elected by their Regional Advisory Committees, the PAD Committee Chair, the Referee Coordinator, and a NorCal Board Representative who are all appointed by the NorCal Board of Directors.

NorCal PAD Committee Members

Andy Mitler

PAD Committee Chairman

Pete Fieri

Vice Chairman

Moe Shafai

NorCal Referee Coordinator

Shawn Blakeman

NorCal Board Representative

Benkay Kajihara

Region 1 Representative

SF Glens Evolution

Ivan Bandov

Region 2 Representative

Palo Alto SC

Mani Salimpour

Region 3/4 Representative

San Ramon FC

Tyler Gottschalk

Region 5 Representative

North Marin United

Rich Donofrio

Region 6 Representative


Jonathan Petty

Region 7 Representative


Javier Renteria

Region 8 Representative