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Club Development

Club Services Coordinator

Nick Lusson

The following links are a free library resource available to all NorCal Premier member clubs.  Our objective is to share best practices from a variety of clubs and organizations to help our NorCal clubs better develop their clubs both on and off the field.  If you have any resources that you’d be willing to share, then please contact our Club Services Coordinator at

These are all examples of policies & documents from other clubs & organizations.  The below documents are not official NorCal Premier documents or policies.  We recommend reviewing any of these materials prior to implementation in your own club.

Club Administration

Coach & Staff Management

Parent & Player Agreements





Programs & Player Development

Player Development Tools

Grassroots Programming

Adult Programming


NorCal Presentations

Role of the DOC (NorCal Staff)

Gordon Young – Role of the DOC

Club Development Seminar 2018 – Club Vision & Strategic Planning, Referee Program Development, Club Culture, Operations, Fundraising