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League Overview

The Region 3/4 playing league is a regionally based competition for U8 through U10 gold and silver teams, U8 through U13 bronze teams, and U14-U19 nickel teams.  The Regional League will be broken into the following vertical competitive hierarchy:

Gold – U9 and U10 only
Silver Elite – U9 and U10 only
Silver – U9 and U10 only
Bronze Elite – U9 and U10 only
Bronze – U9-U13
Copper Elite – U9-U13
Copper – U9-U13

This will provide 7 levels of play for the U9-U10 age group and 4 levels of play for the U9-U13 bronze and copper level of play.  We will be adding the nickel division to accommodate traveling recreational teams for clubs that need a league for their older recreational teams to play.  Proper placement of teams will be based on DOC recommendations, past competitive history of a team, previous season league results and review by the Regional League team placement committee.

Cost – $100

The league dates can be found in the timeline tab.

Please note that this event will be implementing the new format of competition per recent USSF Mandate.

2009 Birth Year = U8
2008 Birth Year = U9 (7v7)
2007 Birth Year = U10 (7v7)
2006 Birth Year = U11 (9v9)
2005 Birth Year = U12 (9v9)
2004 Birth Year = U13 (11v11)

Details on NorCal Premier Soccer’s Implementation Plan for the US Soccer Initiatives