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League Overview

League Overview

The NorCal Youth Premier League includes the State Premier division which mirrors the NPL timeline. The winner of the State Premier Championship division in the Spring will automatically qualify for the 2017-18 NorCal NPL.  The Youth Premier Leagues also consists of regionally based leagues for Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Nickel level teams.

State Premier: $500 (includes Fall and Spring)
Gold-Copper: $150
Nickel: $100
This event will be implementing the birth year registration per USSF mandate. Teams should choose their group based on the birth year of their oldest player.
2003 Birth Year = U14
2002 Birth Year = U15
2001 Birth Year = U16
2000 Birth Year = U17
1998/9 Birth Year = U19

State Premier League Information

The U14-U19 NorCal State Premier League is now a year-round competition that mirrors the NorCal NPL. The winner of the Spring Championship division will qualify for the 2017-18 NorCal NPL and the runner up will play in a playoff against a 2016-17 NorCal NPL bottom division team. The division will attempt to give teams a more balanced yearly schedule in order to provide one game per weekend as often as possible. Teams apply through the general U14-U19 NorCal Fall League Application.


Teams are placed into Fall State Premier League divisions based on area. Two to four divisions will be formed in each age group. The NorCal competition committee will assign the number of qualification spots for each spring division based on the strength of each regionalized fall division.

Based off fall results, teams will qualify for the following spring divisions:

State Premier Championship
State Premier 1
State Premier 2

Match Timeline

Game Date #1 – August 27th
Game Date #2 – September 10th
State Cup Prelim – September 11th
Game Date #3 – September 17th
State Cup Group #1 – October 1st
Game Date #4 – October 2nd
Game Date #5 – October 8th
State Cup Group #2 – October 15th
State Cup Group #3 – October 16th
Game Date #6 – October 22nd
Game Date #7 – November 5th
Game Date #8 – November 12th

Optional at no extra charge

Spring (divisions formed based on fall standings)
Game Date #1 – March 18th
Game Date #2 – March 25th
State Cup Round of 32 – March 26th
Game Date #3 – April 1st
Game Date #4 – April 8th (Girls)
State Cup Round of 16 – April 8th (Boys)
Game Date #4 – April 9th (Boys)
State Cup Round of 16 – April 9th (Girls)
Game Date #5 – April 22nd
Game Date #6 – April 29th
Game Date #7 – May 6th (U16-U19)
State Cup Quarterfinals – May 6th (U14-U15)
Game Date #7 – May 7th (U14-U15)
State Cup Quarterfinals – May 7th (U16-U19)
State Cup Semifinals – May 13th
State Cup Finals – May 20th-21st
NPL Playoff – June 3rd (2nd place State Premier Championship vs NPL lower division qualifier)

$500 (includes fall and spring + optional shortened winter)

Teams may opt-out of spring, however, only the State Premier Champion winner will gain auto entry into NPL.