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League Awards

FIRST PLACE Winners May Claim Awards

If your team finished in FIRST PLACE in their division (e.g. Region 2 Gold or State Premier North), please claim your champion banners.

ALL games in your division should be complete with scores updated BEFORE you determine that you are the winner. Check the league standings (in the left column on this page).

The deadline to claim awards is December 23, 2018.

Click the appropriate link to claim your awards:

Region 1/2 (U8-U10)

Region 3/4 (U8- U10 and includes R3/4 11-13 Bronze teams)

Region 5 (U8-U10)

Region 6 (U8-U10)

Region 7 & 8 (U8-U10)

Youth Premier League U11 – U19