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NorCal Recreational Leagues

NorCal Premier Soccer is excited to announce the NorCal Recreational League’s to give more clubs, players, and teams access to NorCal Premier Soccer at the recreational level. The Recreational Leagues will kick off this Fall and conclude with the NorCal Premier Recreational Champions Cup on November 18th-19th in Morgan Hill, CA. In addition to qualifying teams from NorCal administered NRL divisions (Nickel), NorCal clubs who run in-house recreational leagues will be able to provide champions to participate in the Champions Cup.

NorCal Premier Recreational Champions Cup

November 18th-19th – Morgan Hill, CA

U10: 7v7, U12: 9v9, U14, U16, U19: 11v11

U10: $425, U12: $450, U14: $475, U16, U19: $500

Unrestricted tournament for US Club, AYSO, USYSA and USSSA

Qualification for the Champions Cup

Every recreational program from a NorCal club can provide a team.  The team that is entered should be an in house league winner, in house end of season tournament winner or highest finishing team from a club who is participating in the NorCal run Nickel divisions. How a club decides this will be left up to the club knowing that the teams sent should be a top finisher from each club to create a true Tournament of Champions for the recreational programs of Northern California.

NorCal Regional Leagues

NorCal run divisions will be hosted regionally with teams signing up for the Nickel level via the NorCal Premier Soccer regional leagues (U9-U10) or the NorCal Premier League (U11-U19). Application deadlines for NorCal run recreational (Nickel) divisions will be August 4th.

Nickel Divisions of Play 


Recreational and Recreational plus teams that have maintained continuity of participants through three or more years.  This is a higher level recreational level for teams that have done well and do not want to move into the longer bronze level of play.  This is still a season of August to November with the last weekend being November 18th and 19th for league champions from individual clubs. Teams must return a minimum of 50% of players from the previous year to qualify for this league.


Recreational teams that are brand new or from clubs that re-form teams every year. This is a lower level of play to match up new teams against new teams. This would be for new teams or teams that do not return 50% of their roster from the previous year.

To register for NorCal run Nickel divisions please sign up via your Regional League (U9-U10) or through the NorCal Regional Fall Leagues (U11-U19). For more information and the application click here.