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NorCal Premier Soccer Foundation


Nick Lusson


Help grow the sport of soccer in Northern California’s underserved communities through guidance, financial and logistics support, programs development, and as an intermediary to connect those with the ability to help to the communities with needs.  We believe in using soccer as a force for social change in both the growth of the individual and communities.

Areas of Work

Outreach Consulting
Sending qualified soccer and organizational leaders to youth soccer clubs to help in capacity building. Areas of focus are tailored to the individual organizational need and include Vision, Governance, Administration, and Coaching Education.

Central Hub
Using NorCal’s large membership and visible platform to connect those with the ability or resources to provide assistance with those in need. Promotion of programs working in disadvantaged communities.

Annual NorCal grants provided to both youth soccer clubs and other non-profit soccer-based organizations working in underprivileged sectors. Pursuit of incoming grants, individual donors and corporate sponsorships. Endowment building.

Facilities Development
Partnering with local, state and national resources to renovate and build new facilities.