About NorCal Premier Soccer

The purpose of Norcal Premier Soccer shall be to foster the growth and development of selected Soccer Clubs throughout Northern California. We aim to improve the quality of competition, coaching education, player development , referee development and the overall enjoyment of the beautiful game.

 Norcal Premier Soccer Board Of Directors – revised and adopted 2013

NorCal Mission Statement

The primary focus of a successful soccer program will be the individual player and their families.

We believe a primary focus of soccer coaches, teams and clubs will be the development of children as people first and players second.

We believe individual player development will be a clubs primary focus and team success a secondary but important goal.

We believe the players, parents, coaches and clubs who are the exception to the previously mentioned principles will benefit from involvement in a league, which promotes and expects this behavior from its participants.

We believe the NorCal Premier Soccer League offers a league supporting the players, parents, coaches and clubs in this endeavor.

Simple administration

We believe a league should be governed by simple administrative procedures which provide players, teams and clubs flexibility in the player development process.

High-level competition with multiple divisions of play, promotion and relegation
We believe players, teams and clubs seeking high-level competition should have a place to play.
We believe a league should have promotion and relegation to insure players and teams are, as much as possible, playing against appropriate levels of competition.

Club player passes
We believe clubs should have the ability to move players up and down within their club using a club player pass.
We believe clubs should have the ability to make changes game to game due to illness, injury, vacation, changing ability, practice attendance, commitment or because a player has dedicated his/her summer to practicing on their own.
We believe having a flexible roster is not only healthy for players, teams, clubs and families but also reflects a realistic understanding of the changes occurring in players, families, teams and clubs over a 12 month period.

Year round league play
We believe the soccer world has shown weekly competition combined with weekly practices and appropriate breaks provides players, teams and clubs with the best opportunity for player development.
We believe it is beneficial, less costly, more enjoyable, more family friendly and better for player development to have players, teams and clubs competing in a year round league.
We believe playing games each weekend in a league against opponents of similar strength will allow players, teams and clubs to limit costly tournament participation which requires staggering sums of money to be spent on food, lodging and travel.
We believe playing two competitive games in a day is not ideal but sometimes necessary given the size of the NorCal Premier playing league.

Supporting the pursuit of a high level activity
We believe the pursuit of a high level activity should be encouraged and soccer is a healthy choice.
We believe the studies revealing the pursuit of high level athletics helps teenagers excel in school, stay fit, avoid drugs and alcohol and builds self esteem.
We believe encouraging a fuller, more intense involvement with the sport actually increases the likelihood a young person will remain in the sport for the rest of their life.

Choices and common sense
We believe in the common sense of parents who are best suited to choose their children’s level and location of participation in any activity including soccer and most often, will make the best choice for the children.
We believe children placed, by parental choice, under the guidance of professional soccer coaches and an unbelievable number of volunteers, are, most often, benefiting immensely from the lessons offered by participation in a high level soccer learning environment.
We believe a league, which supports the clubs who believe this concept of player development, is necessary, ethical and missing.
We believe soccer is a kick in the grass, a blast, loads of fun, the cats meow, the bee’s knees, and the world’s favorite pastime and should be played, watched, enjoyed and read about daily.


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